Seaweed MatchMaking Programme

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Seaweed MatchMaking Event

The Seaweed Matchmaking Event taking place on Tuesday June 21 at the ISS 2016 venue is a unique possibility for companies and delegates at 22nd ISS to meet with companies in the Danish Seaweed Sector and other international industries.

1:1 meetings

There will be two slots of 1:1 meetings from 14:00-14:45 and again from 15:00 – 16:00 (see specific program).The 1:1 meetings will consist of short meetings of 10 minutes duration.

If you register your company as described below you will be able to send - and receive - meeting requests to the Danish as well as international companies attending the Seaweed MatchMaking Event.

Find other companies working in the seaweed industry and register yours

Seaweed Match International gathers your and other company profiles in a single database. The corporate vision, mission, skills and technologies are presented here to be visible for potential suppliers, customers and partners.

You can find companies, set up meetings and make a profile and thereby make your own company visible before the event via the ISS 2016's MatchMaking Event.  If you are already a registered symposium attendee, you can use your symposium log-in information (email and reference number) to log-in the MatchMaking session.  Go to MatchMaking HERE.  

If you are not a registrant symposium participant and would like to participate the MatchMaking Event ONLY, please register yourself HERE.  After you have made your registration, you can log-in the MatchMaking Event. An email with the further instruction will be sent to you once you complete the initial registration.  Please note that this registration will NOT allow you to attend any other ISS program than the MatchMaking session. 

Matchmaking event,
including lunch, is for free,
due to the support from the Karl Pedersen and Wife’s Industrial fund and is facilitated by the DTU Food and GEMBA Innovation.

Company presentations 

At the Seaweed MatchMaking Event the following Danish seaweed companies will present a short 8-minutes pitch and you are more than welcome to join the session:

From 09:45 - 10:35

Cavi·art® is caviar made of seaweed. Cavi·art® products have an extremely fine consistency, a nice, glossy colour, a good taste and offer a crisp bite. Besides, Cavi·art® products offer a number of different advantages.

Endelave/Nordisk Tang
At Endelave Seaweed you’ll find completely unique seaweed-products or products with seaweed as an ingredient like seaweed-salt, seaweed-chips, seaweed-pesto, seaweed-flour, flour made of Dalar wheat, gourmet mustard with seaweed, and finally organic salt made of Sea plantain and saltwort.

Ocean Rainforrest
Ocean Rainforest is located in the Faroe Islands and engaged in the production of marine biomass from macroalgae in open ocean cultivation installations. Ocean Rainforest aims to become a leading supplier of sustainable cultivated macro algae in open ocean environments.

FERMENTATIONEXPERTS is a specialist in fermented byproducts and liquid feed for pigs. With headquarters in Denmark, we operate in USA and Europe – with the mission provide better, healthier and less expensive pig feed to farmers.

From 13:00 - 14:00

Besides trading different species of seaweed Gourmettang is offering seaweed as an alternative to antibiotics and zincoxide in pigfeed

Læsø Tang
Læsø Tang is a small business on Læsø who harvest, process and sell food produce based on seaweed harvested as fresh seaweed in the sea of the clean beaches of Læsø. The Seaweed is then immediately purified, solar and wind dried under protective cover and then finish dried in the oven at max . 50 degrees, hand sorted and vacuum packed. 
In addition to the dried seaweed includes Læsø Tang’s products among other: seaweed pesto, seaweed chips, pickled seaweed and various seaweed bread.

Falconi Mare
Falconi Mare ApS is a firm with a strong international orientation that offers a wide range of consulting services for the seafood and environment sectors. Falconi Mare also trade high quality seaweed products.

Danish Seaweed Association
Danish Seaweed Association (DSA) is a newly established association of the Danish seaweed harvesters and retailers as well as manufacturers of seaweed based products. DSA is a community of interest that brings together the Danish seaweed players under common 'umbrella'. Each seaweed harvester, producer and dealer is an independent members of the DSA.

Omø Tang
Omø Fisk og Tang is a small Danish company producing Dried Sugar Kelp and Bladder Wrack, whole or granulated. The seaweed is hand harvested from the coasts of Omø, a small Island in the Great Belt of Denmark or as by-catch from the local net fishing boats.

Organic Seaweed - Ebeltoft Vig ApS
Organic Seaweed - Ebeltoft Vig ApS is a startup business who grow, harvest and converts seaweed into organic high-value products (supplements, food and cosmetics). Our first product is an organic kelp tablet, and as we base our work on sustainable principles, social and environmental economy, we replace chemistry with ecology.

About the project: Seaweed Match International

Seaweed has been a hot topic and is a major international product. More companies in Denmark are now working to produce seaweed and use the seaweed resource directly in new foods among other things. Both companies and researchers are developing technologies for the extraction of high-value products from seaweed to produce ingredients, and there is great interest in these ingredients from several industries, including food, feed, pharmaceutical and skin care industries. With Seaweed Match International, we want to bring together the entire value chain for dialogue, knowledge sharing, idea generation and business development.

Seaweed Match International folders in a digital version can be downloaded for print here:

Read about MatchMaking Mini-symposium ENGLISH version here.  

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