Mid Symposium Tours 

Wednesday, the 22nd of June 

The scientific programme takes a resting day on Wednesday, 22nd of June and will be replaced by an interesting Mid Symposium Tour Programme. The aim for the programme is to showcase enterprises based in Denmark that utilize seaweeds to produce products and energy. The tours also endeavors to show glimpse of the local countryside, landmarks and cultural heritage. With great pride we encourage you to take part on one of the tours at your leisure in order to digest the previous days’ comprehensive scientific programme.

Tours will start from 08:45 in the morning and return no later than at 18:30.

Microalgae, Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis and the land of legends

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) will introduce you to the microalgal photobioreactors (up to 750 L) used to conduct experiments to optimize methods for controlled cultivation and production of microalgae for the production of high value substances. Furthermore, you will be introduced to and shown the greenhouses and testing facility of Copenhagen University.

There will be presentations about the Kalundborg Municipality Industrial Symbiosis with focus on microalgae, and the Danish National microalgal project: Development of filtering technologies for microalgae and sustainable high quality feed for fry.

Hereafter you can enjoy Sagnlandet that is an atmospheric and exciting tourist attraction for the whole family. 10.000 years of Danish history brought to life. Houses and settings from the Iron Age, Stone Age, Viking Age and18th century, historic workshops and domestic animals, located in the beautiful historic landscape near Roskilde.


CP Kelco, biogas plant and visit to an UNESCO World Heritage 

CP Kelco ApS, founded in 1943 by Mr. Karl Pedersen, is located 40 km south of Copenhagen and is the largest of its kind in the world. It produces pectin, carrageenan and refined locust bean gum using dried citrus peels, particular seaweed species for carrageenan and locust beans for the refined locust bean gum. Raw materials are shipped in from all over the world for extraction, purification and standardization in their highly automated processes. More than 95% of the production is exported. CP Kelco has already pledged to invite 60 delegates attending 22nd ISS to visit their facilities. Furthermore, guests will have the opportunity to visit the new Solrød Biogas plant located close to and receiving waste from CPKelco’s extraction process. The tour also includes the scenic view and experience of Stevns Klint. Stevns Klint is a globally exceptional testimony to the impact of meteorite impact on the history of life on Earth (UNESCO World Heritage).

Diving in Øresund / The Sound between Denmark and Sweden

Is it a hallucination or the halocline! Experience the mix of the surface freshwater from the Baltic and the bottom brine water from the North Sea in Øresund. This makes the composition of species very special in this area. There are plenty of wrecks to visit and seaweed to see. Equipment will be available for leasing.

Seaweed and sea view from an island in Øresund /The Sound

We will go aboard a small ferry that will give us an unforgettable scenic tour viewing a off coast windmill park, the beautiful bridge between and view of Denmark and Sweden. Lunch will be enjoyed at Flakfortet, a sea fortress located on the artificially built island in Øresund between Copenhagen and Malmö. The fort was built in the years 1910-1915 as part of Copenhagen's sea-fortifications. It is open to the public which can enjoy a swim, get lost in the maze of catechumens and take a walk on the 23 m high island of only 30,000 m2. Amazing view from the top!


Carlsberg tour

The story of Carlsberg is not only a magnificent chapter of Denmark’s cultural- and industrial story, it is also the story of a brewer, who influenced the art of brewing all over the world. As the world’s sixth largest brewery, it of course continues to do so. At the new brew-house and newly renovated visitors center, which are located in one of the old brewery buildings, it is possible to get a glimpse of the art of beer brewing now and then. The tour of the brewery starts in the old grain store (Old Brewhouse) situated in the original brewery founded by J.C. Jacobsen in the mid-1800. The tour will include the Bottle Collection with a taste a very special beer brewed on the oldest recipe from the Carlsberg archives, and you can explore the World’s largest collection of unopened beer bottles. You may stroll down the "Mermaid Path" and experience samples from Carlsberg’s art collection in the Sculpture Garden, and see the little sister of the world-famous Little Mermaid. The original Little Mermaid was donated to Copenhagen by J.C. Jacobsen’s son, Carl, in 1913. You can meet Carlsberg’s proud 4-legged ambassadors in the Stables, and watch the big dray horses getting ready for their daily trip through the streets of Copenhagen. The rich aroma of malt hangs in the air in the modern, working brewery (Jacobsen Brewhouse & bar), where you can also see the beautiful boilers and the bottling plant. Here you can also enjoy a great Danish lunch or a beer or two, of course.