Transportation within the Municipality of Copenhagen 
Copenhagen is a compact city and invites for a walk. Most hotels, restaurants, sights and shops are within close vicinity and walking distance. Unlike any other European capital city, Copenhagen has few traffic problems and no congestion, which guarantees minimal travel times between any of the locations in and around the city. Even the city is walkable you may sometimes need transportation. 

The Copenhagen Metro has been awarded the best metro in the world. It is clean, safe, runs efficiently 24/7 and link the largest urban areas including Copenhagen International Airport. 

S-trains (Urban rail transit) and buses 
All neighbourhoods within the Municipality of Copenhagen are will connected with S-trains and buses including harbor buses that connect the two banks of Copenhagen Harbor. The S-trains and buses run frequently 24/7. 

Plan your local travel in Copenhagen:
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Taxis are comfortable and clean clearly licensed. They operate at fixed mileage rates depending on the time of day and accept all major international credit cards. There is no surcharge for suitcase. 

Walking and Bicycling 
Copenhagen was the first city in the world to introduce pedestrian streets and with its' manageable size and most attractions located in the city centre, walking is an attractive option. Copenhagen is also known as the "City of Bikes" due to its longstanding and lively cycling tradition. Most locals use bicycles as an indispensable means of transport. Visitors have more than 2,000 city bikes at their disposal free of charge.