Passport and VISA: 

Denmark is member of the Schengen Community. 
What is Schengen?Schengen is a treaty providing for the free movement of persons travelling between the Schengen member states. Before your travel it is a good idea to look into the passport and visa regulations valid for your citizenship. For more information on VISA rules please click here.
Please note that even you are granted residence permit in another Schengen country you may have to apply for VISA to Denmark. 

While, in principle, passengers can travel between Schengen countries without showing their passport, control measures will be tightened for passengers arriving from non-Schengen countries. All passengers travelling into and out of the Schengen area must still show their passport.

Where to find help: 

At The Ministry of Foreign Affairs you can see where to send visa applications if Denmark does not have a diplomatic mission in the country concerned. Click on "consular services", and "Danish visa rules". Here you will find information, addresses, etc. 

The Danish Immigration Service has a regularly updated list of countries whose citizens require visas to visit Denmark.