The National Organizing Committee 

The National Organizing Committee (NOC) is an experienced group of people with dedicated members. 

They have already been involved in the planning and execution of several meetings and workshops within the seaweed field. NOC will involve scientific staff from more research institutes and industries in Denmark and avail of support from the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and other European countries. 

The NOC is composed by following: 

Host Institute 

 DTU Food, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark 


 Dr. Susan L. Holdt: MSc Biology, PhD, Assistant Professor. 
Technical University of Denmark, National Food Institute 


Dr. Annette Bruhn, MSc Biology, PhD, Research Scientist, 
Aarhus University, Institute for Bioscience 

Henrik Jarlbæk, MSc Biology, Research coordinator 
Technical University of Denmark, National Food Institute 

 Scientific Committee 

Prof. Dr. Scient. Ole G. Mouritsen 
University of Southern Denmark Center for Biomembrane Physics. 

Prof. Charlotte Jacobsen 
Technical University of Denmark, National Food Institute Ass. 

Prof. Susan L. Holdt 
Dr. Annette Bruhn 


Mikael Eriksen, MSc, Managing Director Eurogum 


Peter Salling, M.Sc.biochem, independent consultant and member of ISAC
Hans Porse, Independent consultant Intercolloids (former Director CP Kelco)