The International Seaweed Association, 2013-2016 

The International Seaweed Association (ISA) is an international organisation dedicated to the encouragement of research and development of seaweed and seaweed products. The mission of the ISA is to promote applied phycology on a global basis, and to stimulate interactions among research workers and industrialists in all relevant institutions and industries in all countries. Within this mission, the objectives of the ISA are primarily directed towards seaweeds, but also include other algae including cyanobacteria, as well as algal constituents. 

ISA include studies on basic biology and chemistry of utilized or potentially utilizable algae; algal biotechnologies; responsible resource management and conservation programs; improved harvesting, cultivation, and processing of algae; and utilization of algal products and their derivatives. 

One of the main activities of ISA is the organisation of a 3-yearly International Seaweed Symposium of which 21 have now taken place all over the world. The Proceedings of Symposia are published on behalf of the ISA under the general title of "Proceedings of the International Seaweed Symposium". More recently, selected papers presented at symposia are published by the Journal of Applied Phycology. 

ISA operates according to a Code which is reviewed by a Council appointed at each Symposium. 

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