Visit the unique connoisseur seaweed herbarium
Phycologist associate professor emeritus and curator Ruth Nielsen will open the treasury of algal history on Sunday June 19, 2016 for the phycologist that wants to revel in the history and unique collection of seaweed herbarium possessed by The Natural History Museum of Copenhagen, Copenhagen University. 

The herbarium includes ca. 170,000 specimens of algae of all algal groups from all over the world. The most important collections of phycologists such as F. Børgesen, H.C. Lyngbye and L. K. Rosenvinge are found in the herbarium. Ruth will display some of the precious herbarium sheets, give some writing explanations as a mini-show and will also inform you regarding the history of these and our great ancestor phycologists and their endeavors collecting these specimens. 

The seaweed herbarium is located at the historical Botanical Garden in the city center of Copenhagen. 

The tours can take 2 times 15 delegates at 14:00 and 16:00 (and you will be able to reach the Icebreaker and opening reception later at the ISS venue). 

Please register for the tour when you sign up for International Seaweed Symposium 2016.

Very few can have this unique opportunity so please show up if you sign up! More info incl. where to meet will be given to the delegates signing up. 

See more info on the herbarium here.